BayGanda Foundation
The mutual clash of two worlds filled with children inspired by their futures through education and the art of sewing. Click on Pictures for more.

Who We Are



We use the art of sewing to empower young girls to use their creativity and education to become financially independent adults who will give back to their communities. BayGanda encourages the wanderlust of every child, our mission is to create poverty free living, promote passion discovery and witness every child taking advantage of their education.

Our Vision:

We want to see every girl from the BayArea to Uganda to be equipped with the tools she needs to succeed in college and beyond. Our program transforms the lives of young girls equipping them with the necessary tools she needs to achieve a sustainable future. Our girls discover an awareness about themselves they never knew existed. We empower, we challenge we watch them to succeed. In Uganda our girls are sponsored by American families who give them the gift of k-12 education. In America each girl is given the opportunity to pursue her passion through our intensive sewing program. BayGanda strives for excellence in our children we understand education is the foundation for self preservation and economic freedom we foster both! 


Close the gap between the educated and non educated girl by offering both groups the same opportunities inclusion, education and skill.