BayGanda Foundation
The mutual clash of two worlds filled with children inspired by their futures through education and the art of sewing. Click on Pictures for more.

What We Do

What We do :

Educate Develop Empower

Educate : BayGanda provides a hands on education for girls grades K-12 Girls in Uganda who have been left orphaned by lack of parental support. In the US we teach girls the art of sewing paired with entrepreneurship and product development. We are encouraging an entrepreneur spirit that cultivates tenacity, responsibility, and self respect in every girl.

Develop the desire: Our program transforms the lives of young girls equipping them with the necessary tools she needs to achieve a sustainable future. in Uganda we teach each girl how to give back to their communities after they have achieved their education goals. In America we foster each young idea through the design process.

Remove barriers: Our girls discover an awareness about themselves they never knew existed. We empower, we challenge we watch them to succeed. In Uganda we support our girls by removing anything that may hinder a productive and successful education. We provide resources that enhance their quality of life and ability to learn, including tutors, housing, food and water. In the US we are bridging the economic gap by providing accountability in a generation that has lost sight. Our children need inspiration and Sew BayGanda teaches the art of sewing and design without limits.