BayGanda Foundation
The mutual clash of two worlds filled with children inspired by their futures through education and the art of sewing. Click on Pictures for more.



During a visit to the East African country of Uganda in 2004, we discovered an urgent need to help educate children left orphaned by a combination of an ongoing war and the AIDS epidemic. We found the number of orphans overwhelmed the educational system of Uganda, and many children were unable to attend any type of school.

Those who did attend school found themselves in little more than wooden shacks with no supplies, undereducated teachers, and most children were suffering from illness and malnutrition. Most of the children at the school were ill and the school had a child death rate of up to forty children a year.

BayGanda is introducing an educational movement to the foundation that is growing our mission to include K-12, college, scholastic tutoring and the art of sewing and design in the Bay Area and Uganda. We are discovering the creative passion that lies within each girl we meet.


For 10 years BayGanda has been the innovative leader in sewing camps in the BayArea. Our program started in 2005 filling a need in the urban community, giving girls of color an opportunity that their privileged classmates had long been able to take advantage of; the Summer camp experience. We opened a door of inclusion by offering scholarships to families who could not otherwise afford the luxury of a 2 week private camp. Along with our BayArea camp each Summer since 2007 we send our team to the village of Mukono, Uganda East Africa to teach the art of sewing to orphan girls. 

Now in its eleventh year BayGanda serves as a mentor hub that empowers, we are closing the gap between the educated and non educated girl by offering both groups the same opportunity, inclusion, education and skill. We understand that educating women through art and commerce effects lasting change on a community. Our six week program in the US invites young girls between the ages of 9-14 into a creative space where they learn the art of sewing and design. In Uganda we provide tuition for school and give our girls opportunity to experience Summer camp, while engaging their hidden passions.  Since 2005 this practice has proven to be effective in discovering our students true passion. We implore each girl to bring their thoughts from paper to life during this design process. Preparing her for the visual showcase, the fashion show.